llamapanda landscape

Once upon a time…

LLAMAPANDA is a past story recounted from the future.

Landscapes, hypotheses, colors and patterns match and surrender the two characters: LLAMA & PANDA.

Our NFT collectible art pieces are the result of human ideas and Artificial Intelligence systems that allow to create multiple variations of certain attributes automatically.

LLAMAPANDA is also a Media language information resource covering blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and related topics: the history and mechanisms of monetary systems, modern financial technologies (fintech), peer-to-peer technologies, cypherpunk and the Austrian economy, copyright issues and freedom on the Internet, futurology and transhumanism . We provide Runet with operational and analytical information on all aspects of the development of blockchain and other breakthrough technologies. Translation of news and analytical articles from around the world, as well as original content.

We invite translators and authors of original articles to cooperate. We pay our authors and translators, of course in bitcoins. If you have a desire to try your hand at translations or journalism, write to us at info@llamapanda.com successfully complete the test task, and join our team.

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We also broadcast the bitcoin news feed on YouTube. And if you subscribe to our Twitter, you can quickly receive not only the announcements of the site’s articles but also the most important crypto news, photos, translations and retweets from all over the bitcoin world. Finally, it is worth saying a few words about our famous  Youtube channel. It is rightfully considered the best channel on blockchain topics, where you can find our translations of the most important bitcoin materials, as well as all the most interesting videos.

For questions about advertising, please contact the editors exclusively at info@llamapanda.com.

We are constantly improving and adding new materials, features and resources. We are always happy to receive feedback, point out errors and shortcomings, and are ready to listen to your suggestions for improving the site. Leave comments on this page, or write to:  info@llamapanda.com.

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